Introducing our newbies - The scarf, hat and gloves

My beautiful babies are here! 

Welcome to the world the beanie hat, the scarf and gloves. All 100% Scottish cashmere knitted at William Lockie, curated by me. 

It felt like a sensible evolution to introduce unisex accessories, so expect some more shoots showcasing their incredible versatility. 

But for now behold their beauty on our beloved Katie...  


  The hat , £49.00, in charcoal.  The gloves , in grey, £35.00. Worn with our  grey cashmere hoodie , £450.00.

The hat, £49.00, in charcoal. The gloves, in grey, £35.00. Worn with our grey cashmere hoodie, £450.00.

   The scarf , £89.00.  The gloves , £35.00. Worn with our  grey cashmere hoodie , £450.00.

The scarf, £89.00. The gloves, £35.00. Worn with our grey cashmere hoodie, £450.00.


Exclusive product for, you can buy the accessories line direct from our shop.

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