Reek x Cross Cashmere

Damn Rebel Bitches, you see them everywhere. They are your mother, sister, and best friend. Hell - they are YOU!  


I'm lucky enough to have a hareem of them. Women you cannot live without due to that daily dosage of inspiration they provide. 


Two of those women are Sara and Molly Sheridan. A duo so powerful they are having a tsunami like affect on the world of scent. 

  cashmere wrap  in black

cashmere wrap in black

Damn Rebel Bitches is the name of the first perfume produced by the ladies under REEK. A concept that came to them after writer and boss bitch, Sara, wanted to capture a smell that would evoke the memory of Jacobean women.  


The best selling author (Sara is a novelist & academic writer) and her make-up artist daughter, Molly, started discussing what that women would reek of.  

  cashmere wrap  in black

cashmere wrap in black

The notes include clary sage – a herb used in childbirth – malt, blood oranges and hazelnut which were a big part of the Highland diet. It's powerful and feminine with a strong leathery punch. 


Storytelling wraps all the way around REEKS imagery. Molly is one of the country's most in demand make-up artists and she art directs all content with a fresh, unapologetic eye. The brand use raw, unedited imagery to sit alongside the scent. A bold concept for a beauty brand but one which has secured them a cult following of adoring fans. 

  cashmere wrap  in haze 

cashmere wrap in haze 

Watching their journey over the past twelve months from launch in 2016 has been incredible. Long before our businesses bloomed from ideas to reality these women were *and still are* very dear friends. So it felt only right to dig down and find my inner Damn Rebel Bitch when I needed her most, just before the arrival of my second baby boy this summer. I draped myself in cashmere, gloss and their perfume and let it all hang out for the camera to capture. Daunting when you know nothing is going to be retouched post production but utterly liberating at the same time. 

This is my homage to all you Damn Rebel Mama's out there! 




images by Bethany Grace

art direction and make-up by Molly Jane Sheridan  

Cross Cashmere