What is luxury: Jean Johansson

Jean Johansson is a writer and broadcaster working across the BBC on THE ONE SHOW and ANIMAL PARK. Her weekly newspaper column speaks to over 1 million people across Scotland in the Sunday Mail. 

This gorgeous Glaswegian guest blogs for us about what luxury means to her...


If you asked me what luxury was 15 years ago, I would have said Rangali Island in the Maldives. It's a seven star Hilton resort and it defines the meaning of the word luxury. Think glass floored houses on the ocean, snorkling with lemon sharks and champagne and lobster dinners under the stars. I also would have probably mentioned my  designer handbag collection which I have amassed over the past 20 years and includes statement bags by Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton.


I am older and wiser now, I've loved and lost and I've become a mother, so now one of my big luxuries is TIME. Simple. Having time is a luxury. Time to get a shoot finished, time to spend with my son and husband, time to go to the gym, time to share with a person who doesn't have much time left. Over the past few years I've found myself praying for more time with people who have since died. What I would give to have five more minutes with someone in my life who's passed on and I wonder what they would they would have done with the luxury of extra time. It's THE most precious thing.


Luxury means being able to say what the hell I want. How lucky are this generation of British woman who enjoy freedom of speech, voting, the right to an education, the right to drive. There are still women all over the  world who don't enjoy the same luxuries. Every time I write a column, have an opinion, appear on TV or send a tweet, somewhere in my self conscious I feel lucky to be allowed to do so without fear. And with that comes the responsibility to use my words in a constructive way and not waste them on hating, ostracising or bringing anyone down. I try to use my words for positivity and fairness because just to be heard is a massive luxury.


Luxury is a 40 minute bath full of relaxing lotions and potions. I remember when I was breast feeding my small baby, those first few months were so hard and the worst thing was not being able to have a bath! It was just a luxury I could no longer afford. He had to be with me ALL THE TIME. Now seven years later, I still feel lucky every time I turn the taps and add my bath salts because I know I'm allowed to soak in that bath for as long as I like. I'm allowed to be alone, switch off and enjoy. That's Luxury.


Luxury is something you can't buy, and that's something we often learn the hard way. To have the luxury of a clean bill of health has no price tag, to have the luxury of saying NO can not be picked up off a shelf to have the luxury of being out/proud/gay/bi/black/trans/female - whoever you are or whoever you want to be cannot be bought - they are luxuries that you are allowed to have for free! Luxuries we should all be grateful for.


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