That time Ian Rankin came to Cross Cashmere HQ to drink whisky

In a scale of one to Scottish it's safe to say I fall pretty hard in the Scottish category. I hoover haggis, my dining room chairs are covered in artisan tartan and I will always go 'taps aff' when the temperature reaches a balmy 17 degrees or above.

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However, even I was outdone witnessing one of our country's most worshippeded writers nurse a nip while clad in cashmere...

 Ian wears the  cable knit  in haze 

Ian wears the cable knit in haze 

It began with a simple SMS SOS from Brian Sweeney. He was looking for a place to photograph Ian for the cover of Whiskeria Magazine. In a trippy tramadol state I said yes to his full team turning up at the door four weeks after baby no.2 was cesareaned free from my belly. 

 Ian wears the  wrap  in navy 

Ian wears the wrap in navy 

After the literary legend mocked our almost empty bottle of Aperol inhabiting the drinks cabinet *see, he is much more Scottish than me!* the flash bulbs got cracking and the interview commenced. That day now will now always be known as the afternoon a lovely gent came over to the six-year-old's house and introduced him to the wonders of Captain Underpants. 



images by Brian Sweeney for Whiskeria magazine

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