The black cashmere hoodie - a guide to pregnancy dressing.

Life in the third trimester is pretty tough. I resemble an over inflated humpback whale only not so chic. Whilst living in yoga pants like some ironic parody (you see I can't even SEE my toes let alone touch them in a bid to salute the sun) there has been one comfort. My black cashmere hoodie.

In the same year I launched the business my ovaries were signalling for baby number two. Not content with birthing a brand, my biological clock came courting and within four weeks of my cashmere cozies landing on the shop floor in Jenners, Zurich and Milan I was with child. Am I a mad woman with a touch of the self sabotages? Maybe. Nonetheless, I worked before with a baby glued to my boob and I can do it again.   

This time comfort has been my craving. Which is hard for a woman who likes to express herself through clothing. How do you channel 'I want another round of fries and stop fucking looking at me' elegantly in evening wear?' Or say 'I'm a serious business woman but will conduct this meeting in sweat pants and trainers?'  The answer - the cashmere hoodie! 

A few weeks ago I sat across from the marvellous marketing maven of our most prestigious hotelier in the city. And, yes, I was wearing joggies - on our first encounter *shock, horror*. Sports luxe in super soft Scottish cashmere seemed to take the edge off casual attire splendidly. I dodged chav and nailed chic. So much so that she commented on how incredible the cut and fabric drape was on my garment. After the meeting a took myself to the golden arches to celebrate with a xl meal and cheeseburger on the side while sitting in said cashmere hoodie. How do you eat yours?



Linda Young shot by Brian Sweeney. Make-up and hair by Molly Sheridan.

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